Sunday, January 31, 2010

Super Bowl Party Coming Up

So my hubby wanted to have a super bowl party and i said Okee we invited a few of our friends and family and are doing it!  I need to get to the store to get all the supplies for the food!!!  I decided to create something fun for the girls too!  So i told them we were to act as "Victorian Women" and will be making handmade Valentine Cards in my studio!  There is a TV down we won't miss a thing with the football game either :) 

So I spent the day sorting thru tons of papers, ribbon, supplies we have access to all the goodies my studio holds for creating fabulous cards!  I am really excited to see what we all creat.

The painting to the right is one of my funky flower sold quickly at "Mitilda's"  a gallery in Alphareta :)  I think it's very Valentiney!

Monday is my hubby and my day for Yoga night after work....boy do it need it.
I wish the weather would warm up a bit so we could ride our bikes!

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