Saturday, July 10, 2010

Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild

So I have joined the AMQG.  Today was my first meeting and am thrilled.  Going to love being a part of this great guild.  The ladies are all fun and unique!  We have a challenge of making a mini quilt due at the Sept. 12 off i go to the design board.


  1. Hi Karin, we are so thrilled to have you! Your work is beautiful and amazing, and you'll be bringing new life to our group! I started learning about and playing with threadpainting, which it looks like you are very good at it! I know I'll be asking you a lot of questions. Welcome, and so glad you found us.

  2. Thanks Andi, I am thrilled as well! Thread painting is all about practice practice practice...and I am really not THAT good at it yet.