Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yup...a Woven Tapestry by Moi!  I made up with my tapestry loom when I dug it out of some storage while cleaning the studio and fell in love again!  I was first introduced to tapestry weaving by an awesome teacher from my college days who just so happens to be a fabulous Tapestry artist....Tommye Scanlin.  Then I took a private course on tapestry from her a couple years ago and so I pulled out my notes and completed this tapestry

I took a picture off the front of my kayak in the most beautiful mountain lake in North Carolina..."Bear Lake" this was my inspiration.
The lake is surrounded by mountains and the water is blue, cold, and deep.  My kayak's name is Mango.

So Tah Dah!

Mounted on Linen and hand embroidered words.

After finishing this tapestry...i have started another...whahoo.

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  1. Wonderful, Karin!! Congratulations on adding tapestry back into your artist's tool box of media. I look forward to seeing where you take it!